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How to Remove Scars on Legs? Treatment & Laser Price Reviews in Singapore

Scars on your legs are difficult to hide. You may feel self-conscious about wearing shorts, skirts or swimsuits if you have obvious scars on your legs. 

Fret not! We are here to help.

Why do I need lasers and medical treatments for my leg scars?

For minor scars on your leg, you can use home remedies and creams to get rid of them and minimise their appearance. 

However, if you have tried creams already but do not see any improvements, it’s time for medical treatments to bring your scar removal results to the next level.

Also, certain types of scars which are hypertrophic (raised bumps), like keloid scarring on your legs, can only be removed through medical intervention. Home remedies do not work for this type of scars.

What causes scars on legs?

The 2 most common causes of leg scars are:

  1. Eczema – Eczema is an allergic condition that is itchy. Aggressive scratching of your skin might lead to a type of scar which is a dark brown discoloured patch. This is known as post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. 
  2. Surgery or Accidents – Trauma, insect bites or injury to your legs can result in 3 types of scars: Indented scars, hypertrophic scars and hyper pigmented scars.

It is important to determine the cause of leg scars because patients with eczema-prone skin require gentler lasers like pico lasers. This is to ensure that we do not worsen the eczema and cause more new scars. 

What are various types of scars on legs?

The 3 types of leg scars are Indented scars, Hypertrophic scars and Hyper-pigmented scars.

What are effective treatments for scars on legs?

Each type of leg scar requires a different type of treatment. If you have more than 1 type of scar, you will need more than 1 type of treatment. 

Indented scars require lasers that boost collagen production in your skin. Examples include Fractional CO2 LasersINFINI micro-needling RF and Fractional Pico Laser.

For indented scars that have thick fibrous scar tissue holding it down, a minor surgical procedure known as subcision is required to break up the scar tissue so that the scar can be elevated.

Collagen stimulator fillers like Rejuran S can be injected into the base of the scar to boost your body’s healing capability. Multiple treatment sessions are usually required to achieve satisfactory results. There is mild redness over the treated area that resolves in 1-3 days after the treatment. 

Hypertrophic scars and keloids can be improved using intralesional cortisone injections (corticosteroid injections). These injections are anti-inflammatory medications that reduce the size and thickness of these raised and protruded scars. Once again, a series of at least 3-6 sessions are usually required. 

Hyper-pigmented scars can be faded away using Pico Lasers. Pico Lasers help to break down the brown pigments in the scar called melanin. By breaking down the brown pigments into smaller fragments, your immune cells can absorb these pigments away more easily.

There is no downtime for Pico Laser treatment. 

What is the price of leg scar removal treatments in Singapore?

The price of lasers for leg scar removal treatments starts from $300/session for small areas of scarring.

When is the best time to treat leg scars?

The best time to start treatment of leg scars is right after full healing from your  skin injury. 

For example, if you have eczema, you should wait for your acute flare of eczema to fully settle before embarking on treatments for the scars. 

Similarly, you have to wait for your skin to fully heal from your surgery or injury before starting leg scar removal treatments. 

If you are unsure about when is the right time to start treatment, feel free to contact us and send us a close-up photo of your leg scar. We will advise you on the appropriate time to start treatment. 

It is also advisable to start treatment for your leg scars earlier rather than later. This is because newer scars have a higher chance of full recovery and fewer treatment sessions are required to achieve the final result.  

How are leg scars different from scars elsewhere?

The main difference between leg scars and scars elsewhere like your face or back are: 

  1. Longer recovery time as the skin on your legs are less hydrated and less oily as compared to facial skin. This means more treatment sessions are required to fade scars on your leg compared to scars on your face.
  2. More sun exposure of leg skin means that you run a higher risk of sun damage to your scar. Hence, it is important that you apply sun block to protect your scar, especially during the recovery phase after your treatment.

Is leg scar removal treatment painful?

Scar removal treatment for your legs are generally very well-tolerated by most patients. This is because we apply numbing cream to the treated area prior to the treatment.

Is leg scar removal treatment safe?

Yes, the leg scar removal treatments and lasers that we use are US FDA approved. This means that these treatments and lasers are safe and effective.

How many sessions of leg scar treatments do I need?

While we are only able to give an accurate estimate upon seeing your leg scars, most patients require at least 5-10 treatments per type of leg scar. These treatments are spaced at intervals of 3-4 weeks apart.

The number and type of treatments for leg scar removal are highly variable. This depends on the type, depth, age and complexity of leg scars that you have. 

In general, larger and old scars that are deep and mixed with hyper-pigmentation require more treatments than small, flat and new scars. 

When can I see the results of leg scar removal treatments?

For most types of leg scar removal treatments, you can notice gradual improvements in your scar 2-4 weeks after each treatment session.

The results of scar removal treatment for your legs are progression and cumulative over each treatment session.

Are there any precautions that I need to take after scar removal laser treatment for my leg?

The most important precautions are applying sun block and moisturisers.

How effective are scar treatments for removing leg scars?

While no doctor can guarantee 100% removal of all your leg scars, you can see up to 90% improvement in your scars if you have an adequate number of correct treatments. 

Always see a doctor who specialises in scar removal treatments so that you are certain that you are getting the correct treatments.

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