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Last updated on December 22nd, 2023 at 8:39 pm
TCA Cross Acne Scar Singapore

TCA Cross Acne Scar Singapore

Scar treatments from $300

TCA For Acne Scars Results Reviewed

TCA Cross is effective in treating Acne Scars in Singapore.

The types of Acne Scars that are suitable for TCA acid treatment include: Ice-pick scars, Deep boxcar scars, Deep rolling scars.

How Does TCA Cross Work?

TCA CROSS (Trichloro-Acetic Acid Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars) is a medium to deep chemical peel that is commonly used to treat depressed acne scars, ice pick scars, wrinkles and photo-aging in Singapore. 

TCA CROSS is a specialised treatment which uses high concentration TCA (70% – 100%) to denature the proteins at the deeper layers of the skin where scar tissue is found. 

Our TCA CROSS Technique uses a very high concentration of TCA acid to fill indented scars up. Absolute care has to be taken when employing this technique due to its high concentration of acid.

Ice-pick acne scars and deep scars show more improvements using the TCA Cross in Singapore.

This treatment stimulates collagen synthesis, dermal thickening and improvement of your acne scar appearance.

Why Choose Sozo for TCA Cross Acne Scar Treatment?

We offer synergistic treatments like INFINI and Subcision + Filler to complement TCA CROSS for enhanced results.

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Prior to your TCA CROSS acne scars procedure, your face will be cleansed and topical anaesthesia (numbing cream) will be applied.

An applicator is used to apply the TCA at the base of the selected acne scar.

We use either the “syringe-dropper” or tooth-pick methods to apply the TCA.

Areas treated with TCA Cross chemical peel will turn white. This is called “frosting”.

This treatment is well tolerated by most individuals. You may feel a warm heating sensation during the treatment.

An antibiotic ointment is applied after the procedure to facilitate scar healing and to reduce the risk of infection.

Immediately after the procedure, there will be some redness that lasts 3-5 days. Pain is minimal post-procedure.

Collagen stimulation takes at least 3-4 weeks to form, and is maximal at 3-4 months.

Depending on individual, scar location, scar depth and skin type, generally 2-4 sessions spaced about 1 month apart will give the best results.

Patients can expect a 1 to 2 grade improvement in their acne scars over a 6-month period.
TCA Cross treatment prices are from $300.

Yes, TCA cross can improve acne scars, even deep “pitted” scars.

Acne scar severity is graded using Goodman and Baron’s qualitative acne scar grading system for objective comparisons.

1. Macular scars
Macular scars can be erythematous, hyperpigmented (brown) or hypopigmented (pale) flat marks. They do not represent a problem of contour like other scargrades but of color.

2. Mild atrophic or hypertrophic scars
Mild atrophic (thin) or hypertrophic (thick) scars may not be obvious at social distances of 50 cm or greater.

3. Moderate atrophic or hypertrophic scars
Moderate atrophic or hypertrophic scarring is obvious at social distances of 50 cm or greater and is not covered easily by makeup or the normal shadow of shaved beard hair in men or body hair if extrafacial, but is still able to be flattened by manual stretching of the skin (if atrophic).

4. Severe atrophic or hypertrophic scars
Severe atrophic or hypertrophic scarring is evident at social distances greater than 50 cm and is not covered easily by makeup.

Yes, TCA is a non-toxic chemical (trichloracetic acid) that has been used to perform skin peels for more than 20 years.

Deep acne scars and enlarge pores lie below the safety zone of lasers.

Lasers including CO2, Erbium and Fraxel can all deliver the necessary power to reach scars. However this might push the safety margin for deeper acne scars, such as ice pick scars.

TCA CROSS overcomes the complications of laser by placing a known concentration of acid to ‘scars’ the scar, stimulating collagen and raising the level of the scar.

After just one treatment, you will notice a difference, however most ice-pick scars will require 2-3 treatments before they reach the ‘safe to laser’ mark.

Your specialist will choose the most suitable concentration of TCA for you. TCA Cross concentrations range from 35% to 100%- this depends on your skin colour, and depth of your acne scars.

No. The truth is the procedure is slightly uncomfortable but not painful. Just only numbing cream is required.

Yes. In some cases pore size can be reduced by TCA CROSS, however most patients will need 2-3 treatments for a 30-50% reduction in pore size.

The larger the size of the pore, the greater the improvement.

Yes. All skin types can be safely treated with TCA cross, however in darker skin types, such as Asian skin the risk of post treatment darkening will increase. This means, treated areas maybe darker than the surrounding skin for weeks to months. The use of sunscreen and a bleaching/ whitening cream can reduce this risks.


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