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Last updated on June 2nd, 2023 at 1:20 pm
INFINI Laser Singapore

INFINI Laser Singapore

Treatment in Singapore from $850

Two acne scar treatment technologies have taken the facial rejuvenation world by storm: radiofrequency and microneedling. Both of which are used in an INFINI treatment. INFINI has the ability to deliver two treatment techniques into one device. This targets skin problems such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and acne scars – including deep scars.

INFINI treatment significantly improves scars with the least amount of downtime compared to other treatments being offered in the market.

Fractional RF Technology is a treatment that shows promising results in treating acne scars. The combination of microneedling and radiofrequency allows the natural healing of the skin which stimulates cell regeneration, collagen production, and skin tightening.

Fractional RF breaks down old collagen and elastin while repairing the skin through stimulating cell regeneration. Collagen is then produced which makes the skin healthier, even out skin texture, and reduces scars.

Compared to other acne scar removal treatments, Fractional RF is a safe and flexible treatment for darker skin types and sensitive skin conditions. It is more comfortable than the traditional skin resurfacing treatments and only requires minimal downtime.

People usually get 2-4x better results with Fractional RF. This treatment is priced from $850.


INFINI Treatment is a microneedling radiofrequency (RF) skin resurfacing treatment that addresses scars, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

A 3-dimensional approach is used to deliver RF energy, which in turn helps volumize scar tissue. It combines the thermal power of radiofrequency with microneedling.

Radiofrequency is delivered deep into the skin. The dermis, which is the second layer of skin, contains collagen. INFINI delivers heat energy to the dermis. This encourages the production of collagen and elastin – which in turn tightens scar tissues, improve skin texture, and reduce the depth of scars.

This technique is especially useful for depressed areas on the skin. Since INFINI RF technology uses little needles and deliver heat deep into the dermis and directly targets the inner part of the scar – up to 3.5mm deep.

Aside from being an effective deep acne scar resurfacing treatment, it also offers skin lifting and rejuvenation. INFINI can improve wrinkles and sagging skin.

How Does INFINI Treat Acne Scars?

INFINI is a fractional micro-needling radiofrequency (RF) skin resurfacing treament.

INFINI acne scar treatment works by using a device that delivers radiofrequency energy through the needles and into the skin. Each pin breaks down the skin to produce more collagen and provides heat energy to the deep layers of the skin.

An INFINI RF procedure is started with a topical anesthetic. A formulated numbing cream is applied to reduce the sensation of the face. The specialist then proceeds with the INFINI acne scar procedure when the cream has settled, and the face is numb. Since scars have different depths, the level of energy will be based on the severity of the scar and the thickness of the skin for best results.

INFINI effectively treat Acne Scars by using two technologies:

Radiofrequency (RF)

This component of the INFINI Treatment system is responsible for the delivery of radiofrequency energy to deeper skin layers. Unlike other RF scar Treatments, INFINI acne procedure doesn’t just treat the top layer of the skin. Combined with microneedling, heat energy is able to reach the second layer of the skin, which is the dermis.

When radiofrequency energy is delivered in multiple passes at different depths into the skin, a three-dimensional volumization of the scar happens. This promotes collagen growth and elastin production.


The needles used in the INFINI Treatment allows RF energy to flow directly in the dermis which produces more collagen and protect the epidermis (top layer of the skin). The microneedling technique delivers heat energy in a short period of time which reduces trauma to the skin and improve the patient’s comfort.

Put both of these effective acne scar treatments into one treatment, and you’ve got INFINI RF. This treatment is able to deliver the benefits of both RF and Microneedling.

What are the Types of Acne Scars that INFINI Treat?

types of acne scars that infini rf treat

INFINI RF treats scars of different depth. However, it is especially effective in treating deep and depressed acne scars such as boxcar scars and rolling scars – both of which are a challenge to get rid of.

Boxcar scars is a depression in the skin with well-defined indentation and sharp edges. The shallower a scar is the better it will respond to INFINI.

Rolling Scars take the appearance of cottage cheese because of its little peaks and valleys. These are broad depressions and have round edges.

For a deep acne scar to be effectively treated, the dermis should be restored to its original condition. Scar fibres that have developed in the dermis should be remodeled. Additionally, new collagen fibres need to form as a support for the epidermis layer to push back up the scar from below.

INFINI RF can penetrate through deep layers of the skin and reach the dermis. This makes it possible to treat depressed scars where other acne scar treatments may have failed.

What are the Benefits of INFINI?

Unparalleled Results

INFINI’s radiofrequency energy targets the deep dermal layers of the skin where acne scars lie – up to 3.5mm deep, which is deeper than all other lasers.

Heating of acne scars breaks up old collagen and stimulates new collagen formation, thereby improving acne scars.

Insulated Fractional Radio-frequency technology

The key success factor for INFINI is the insulation of the micro-needles that deliver the RF energy, unlike other microneedling devices.

This means that the damage to the dermis can be precisely controlled with minimal collateral damage to the upper layers of the skin.

Surgical Precision

With customisable depths from 0.25mm to 3.5mm, I can deliver energy to the exact location of the acne scars for superior acne scar remodelling results.

Faster Healing

Insulated needles spare the upper part of the skin known as the epidermis which in turn,  gives faster healing times.

With other devices, most of the energy that is delivered is lost on the upper layers of the skin leading to charring of the upper layers of the skin, whilst the lower scarred areas have minimal treatment.

More Effective & Safe

Insulation of the micro-needles is what makes INFINI more effective than other fractional RF micro-needling technologies and safe for all skin types (especially darker skin).

INFINI is 2-4x more effective than conventional Fractional CO2 Lasers especially for deep acne scars.

INFINI versus CO2 Fractional Laser

Lutronic Infini

Fractional CO2 is another revolutionary way of treating scars. This uses high-energy beams of light to penetrate deeper into the dermal layers with more accuracy.

Penetration Depth

CO2 Fractional Laser uses high energy of light to target deeper skin layers which can reach up to 1.5mm deep. On the other hand, an INFINI procedure can reach up to 3.5mm deep into the dermis with its microneedling technology.


INFINI offers less downtime compared to Fractional CO2 by allowing doctors to do multiple passes and deliver tiny amounts of heat energy into specific areas. The insulated needles don’t damage the surrounding areas of the skin as it only targets a particular part of the dermis and doesn’t generate heat at the surface of the skin. It takes about 3-5 days of redness and recovery time which is more tolerable.

While Fractional CO2 requires 5-7 days of downtime to recover fully. This treatment removes aged cells and allows the regeneration of newer skin cells. The high-energy used is also associated with the long downtime.

Visible crusting and browning are seen after a Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment. This hyperpigmentation risk can occur to people with darker complexions. While mild redness comes after an INFINI Treatment for about 3-4 days. INFINI is ideal for busy professionals because they can get the treatment over the weekend and get back to work on Monday.


INFINI allows multiple passes on the same area which allows the entire thickness of the dermis to get treated. While Fractional CO2 allows 1 pass per treatment. This makes INFINI 2-4x more effective.

INFINI versus Other RF Microneedling Technology


INFINI Acne Scar Treatment has less downtime and is safer compared to other RF Microneedling Technology. This is because INFINI uses insulated needles which delivers the radiofrequency energy precisely into the scar tissue. The heat energy flows in multiple passes which results in faster and maximize outcomes.

INFINI Treatment also doesn’t work through the skin’s surface which eliminates any possible damage to the epidermis.

INFINI treats to the maximum depth of 3.5mm – which is the deepest amongst RF microneedling technology. This means that even the deepest acne scars can be treated effectively.

The depth and intensity of energy are controlled and adjusted by Dr Boey for more customised scar treatment, regardless of the skin type.

Why Choose Dr Justin Boey for INFINI?

Acne Scar Expertise

Dr Boey is a featured Acne Scar expert who has successfully treated numerous patients with acne scars.

Being a highly customisable advanced acne scar treatment, INFINI delivers the best results when performed by an expert.


You want to achieve smooth and flawless skin.

Find an acne scar specialist who is meticulous and equally passionate about helping you to achieve your skin goals.

Customised Treatments

Dr Boey is known for his highly customised approach to acne scar treatment.

He uses a combination of treatments like subcisionEdge One Fractional CO2 and Fractional Picolaser to complement INFINI for enhanced results.

Prices start from $850

2-4x more effective than Fractional CO2 Lasers

Enquire for customised price quotes.


Recovery is seen within two to four days, depending on the depth and the amount of microneedles delivered.

Another important factor is quality post procedure care. I often combine INFINI with a recovery serum which provides recovery growth factors. This enables faster healing up times together with better scar improvements.

Results can be seen within 2 weeks and will continue to get better as your body produces more collagen.
This really depends on the severity of your scars and/or pores. Most patients would benefit from two to four treatments. This would depend on the severity of your acne scarring or the extent of your open pores. Skin colour also plays a role in the number of treatments. Most Asian and darker skin patients will have a thicker dermal layer, and if acne scars and open pores lie in different depths, more treatments are needed in these races.
Yes, this treatment is painful. However, with the use of numbing gels, local anaesthetic blocks, it is well-tolerated. Patient comfort is my priority before any procedure.

INFINI microneedling can also treat enlarged and open pores. In fact, this is my preferred treatment for the treatment of pore sizing in all skin types. Most patients heal up within two days for pore size reduction. INFINI radiofrequency can also be used for skin rejuvenation and laxity.

skin conditions INFINI treat

Treatments from $850.


Medical Director

After graduating from the National University of Singapore, Dr Boey’s journey in aesthetics brought him to esteemed institutions such as Harvard Medical School, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Queen Mary University of London in diverse cities like Seoul, London, Boston and New York.