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Last updated on March 28th, 2019 at 4:05 pm

Fractional CO2 Laser Singapore (Edge One)

Treatments from $450 (Recovery Serum included)

What is Edge Fractional CO2 for?

Acne Scars – box car scars, rolling scars

Lump & Bumps – Milia, Moles

Skin Rejuvenation of Fine lines

How does Fractional CO2 Work?

Fractional CO2 laser produces thousands of tiny microthermal zones in the treated areas.

Each zone is the diameter of a shaft of hair, however these columns extend deep into middle layer of the skin- where scars lie.

Laser targets the scarred areas and old collagen, but also leaves areas of healthy tissue to regenerate through collagen production.

Fractional laser treatment allows less patient downtime and side effects compared to fully ablative lasers but still delivers great results.

Edge One Fractional CO2 Laser vs Other Fractional CO2 Lasers (Fraxel)

With the latest generation of Fractional CO2 Lasers, the Edge Pulse was introduced in Singapore.

This Edge Fractional CO2 Laser treatment solves the problem of traditional Fractional CO2 Laser treatments like Fraxel by greatly reducing the downtime associated with the treatment.

Conventional Fractional CO2 Laser treatments usually cause patients to have redness for 3 days and scabs for 1 week.

This latest Edge Fractional CO2 Laser gets around this problem by producing very fine beams that cause minimal redness and scabs that are so fine that they are barely noticeable.

Sozo offers Edge One which is the newly improved version of Edge Fractional CO2.

Why Choose Sozo for Edge One Fractional CO2?









Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fractional CO2 Edge One Laser treatment process like?

Usually numbing cream is applied 20 min prior to the treatment.

Each treatment of Fractional CO2 Laser takes about 10 minutes, during which our doctor will treat the whole face or part of the face.

Recovery serum/mask and LED phototherapy will be applied to enhance recovery.

What is the social downtime/ recovery time?

After each treatment, the skin feels slightly red and warm. This will subside usually within a 2-3 days.

How soon can I see results?

As soon as 1-2 weeks after the laser procedure and results will continue to improve as your body produces more collagen.

How many sessions are needed and how often?

Depending on type and severity of scars, usually a minimum of 3-5 sessions are needed. Treatments are spaced 3-4 weeks apart.

What are the post-laser care instructions?
  1. Cleanse face with a gentle cleanser for the first week. Do not use exfoliatives.
  2. Apply antibiotic cream for first 3 days.
  3. After washing of face, use a regenerating moisturizing cream twice a day to assist in speedy healing.
  4. Sunblock (at least SPF 50) may be applied from Day 2 of treatment and is very important in preventing post treatment hyperpigmentation. Avoid direct sun exposure for the first week.
  5. Do not pick at scabs, as this can injure new skin.
How much does the Fractional CO2 treatment cost?

Treatments from $450 (Recovery Serum included)

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