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Last updated on October 4th, 2023 at 10:00 pm
Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is the first Hollywood movie theme park in Southeast Asia. The park showcases 28 shows, rides and other attractions all to be found in 7 themed areas.

Brief History

The construction of Universal Studios Singapore and Resorts World Sentosa (where the theme park is located) started on 19th April 2008. It took only two years to complete. The theme park had its soft launch duration from 18th March 2010 to 26th October 2010. The grand opening was held on 28th March 2010.

Before the grand opening, there was a star-studded gala. The event attracted celebrities such as Jet Li, Vicki Zhao, Paula Abdul and Maggie Cheung. On that night, 27th March 2010, the estimated number of the guests present was 1,600.

What to Expect at Universal Studios Singapore

The park presents seven major zones. Here are the areas and their highlighted attractions.


Upon arriving at the park, the first attraction is Hollywood Boulevard. You’ll enjoy a pleasant walk along the pavement that is lined with palm trees. While strolling, you’ll come across names of celebrities embedded on the popular ‘Walk of Fame.’

New York

New York is the most famous of America’s cities. The city is well presented in the park. You will experience scenes such as the ‘Big Apple’ coming to life. Children will participate in the singing presentations and dancing of the lovable characters of the movie ‘Sesame Street.’

Sci-fi City

Here, you will see and experience the popular Battlestar Galactica T.V series. Also, at Sci-fi city, you’ll find the tallest set of roller coasters ever made. Its cyclonic experience offers the greatest thrill. It has five inversions, a zero ‘g’ roll, a corkscrew and a final plunge into an artificial fog.

Ancient Egypt

Within this zone of the theme park, you’ll see the location of the popular ‘Revenge of the Mummy.’ Another notable sight in this area is the majestic Egyptian mascots. They keep wandering the zone and are really appealing.

The Lost World

The Jurassic Park: Lost World in Universal Studios Singapore

In this area, two amazing dinosaur experiences are highlighted. First, the ‘canopy flier’ act. Here, you will see the Jurassic park from an aerial position. Secondly, you can aboard the Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure where you’ll experience Jurassic Park on land.

You’ll never see these dinosaurs anywhere, even at the Singapore Zoo, so make sure to get yourself as many photos as you can with these lovely dinosaurs!

Far Far Away

The Shrek 4D show offers a refreshing break. In this air-conditioned theatre, you will see how Shrek saves Princess Fiona (love of his life) from a ferocious dragon. Younger kids will enjoy the famous roller coaster ‘Puss in the Boots’ Giant Journey’ – probably the second most favourite in the theme park.


You’ve probably heard of the Madagascar Boogie. It happens in this area. You’ll see the adorable penguins perform the renowned Madagascar Boogie. Kids will also ride the playful Lemurs and King Julien plus other delightful characters created by DreamWorks Production Company.

How to access Universal Studios Singapore

You can enjoy a walk to the park starting from Vivocity Shopping Mall until you reach Resort World Sentosa. The route has canopied travelators – making it a pleasurable walk, and it is only a 700m stretch.

You can also take the train to the Northeast line. Once you arrive at the Harbor Front MRT Station, you can use the Sentosa express or take the RWS8. After riding the RWS8, you can alight at Vivocity mall. From there you’ll find a number of buses heading to the resort premises.

Tips when visiting Universal Studios Singapore

  1. Arrive before opening. An hour earlier is recommended.

  2. Self-scan your ticket – to avoid inconveniences.

  3. Carry sunscreen or a hat. The park gets hot sometimes. Or, if all else fails, you can get a treatment from us. Sozo Aesthetic Clinic can bring back your glow.

  4. If you are alone, pack lightly. You’ll be able to enjoy the rides.

  5. Buy ponchos or pack to avoid getting wet.

Universal Studios Singapore gives you the ultimate silver screen experience. You get to interact with characters from your favourite blockbuster or T.V series. Ensure you have your camera ready to capture the thrills and spills of the theme park.


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