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Last updated on October 4th, 2023 at 10:00 pm

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo, commonly referred to the Mandai Zoo sits on a large rainforest environment and covers an area of 64 acres (26 hectare). It houses more than 2500 animals from a probable 315 species.

The construction of 50 enclosures in 1971 was the first step in the creation of the zoo. The government of Singapore funded the project with a grant of $9million. It took two years to complete the project. The enclosures’ unique designs improved the zoo’s reputation globally.

The zoo’s popular ‘open concept’ allows visitors to experience and get inspired by the wonderful creations. It may not be much fun to see unhappy animals caged and some confined in the glass panel. At Singapore Zoo, the system is freehold; animals are held in spacious landscaped fields.

Attractions at the Singapore Zoo

Singapore zoo

Tram Ride

Explore the park with the guided tram ride tour. You will enjoy succinct narrations about animals and exhibits. Guests in wheelchairs are not left out as some of the trams have slots to accommodate wheelchairs.

Wild Animal Carousel

The carousel is quite attractive since it was constructed in the vintage style. It allows you to enjoy a ride upon animals. These creatures include rhinos, tigers and the dinosaurs. After this, you may feel ready to ride the gigantic Singapore Flyer. Just enjoy the ride!

Elephants at Work Show

This is a stunning demonstration involving the gigantic elephants and their mahouts. You will see how elephants use their superior strength while performing different tasks. Most of the chores require a lot of intelligence (close to human intellect) but the elephants handle them effortlessly.

Rainforest Fight Back Show

In this show, animals bring to life how deforestation destroys their homes. You will see snakes, monkeys, the otter, macaws and lemurs showcase their brilliant abilities. They’ll show you how to save the rainforest.

Ah Meng (Sumatran Orangutan)

Though the animal passed away in February 2008 at age 48, she is still celebrated through the bronze statue at the zoo. She was rescued from smugglers in 1971 and transferred to the Singapore Zoo. This made her become the face of the zoo and she’s often featured in shows, articles and tourism adverts.

Splash Safari Show

Watch the high-energy Californian sea lions enjoying a wacky and wet time. They mischievously make a splash and gracefully glide on water. They’ll surely tickle your funny bone as they balance a ball on their noses.

Rainforest Kidzworld

In this area, there are plenty of water slides. Kids will slide and splash to cool off. Also, there is the Buddy Barn where kids can interact freely with animals. They’ll meet the rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats.

Main exhibits at the zoo

Frozen Tundra

Here, the star is the polar bear – known as Inuka. He’s considered the first polar bear ever born in the tropics. You will see him play in an ice-cold cave that aids to keep him cool. The Wolverine and the raccoon dog (cool climate animals) join him in the play.  

Ethiopia’s Great Rift Valley

The valley is recreated at the Zoo. It features the banded mongoose, the hamadryas baboons and the Nubian ibex. These animals are housed among the tribal villages of Ethiopia. You will learn more about the lives of Ethiopia’s villagers.   

Wild Africa

At this section, you will explore the wildlife of the savanna. Your favourites such as the giraffes, meerkats, cheetahs, warthogs, zebras, white rhinoceros, and lions roam around. It feels so realistic; like you were right in Africa.

Treetops Trail

Right from the beginning, this immersive experience ushers you to the zoo. A nearby boardwalk allows you to watch the siamangs found in the trees. All along, white-faced saki monkeys, cotton-top tamarins and free-range brown lemurs surround you.

Reptile Garden

Marvel at the numerous species of snakes displayed in the snake house. You’ll be amazed by the reticulated pythons and the deadly rattlesnakes. Also, you can stroll amidst the giant tortoises and the Komodo dragon.

How do you get around the zoo?

You can explore the zoo in a more relaxed pace using the tram ride. For juniors, the electric scooter is also ideal. The stroller can be used to push the toddlers, and the wagon to pull children who get tired of walking.  For the loved ones who have limited mobility, you can get the wheelchair.

You may have been to many zoos across the world, but admittedly, Singapore Zoo offers a personalised experience with the animals. Also, the exhibits are a unique way to experience nature without necessarily visiting it in the wild.

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