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Belkyra | Kybella

Double Chin Reduction Treatment – Without Surgery

Fast Facts on Belkyra | Kybella:

  • US FDA Approved since 2015. Approved in Singapore since 2018.
  • Non-surgical Double Chin Fat Removal with minimal downtime
  • 30 minutes per Belkyra treatment
  • Effective results in 2-4 treatment sessions

How Belkyra | Kybella Works

Kybella (US) / Belkyra (UK, Canada, Australia) is a game-changer in the treatment of double chin which is medically known as submental fat or fullness.

BELKYRA® is the first and only approved non-surgical treatment for reduction of moderate to severe submental fullness, a common yet under-treated aesthetic condition.

BELKYRA® is similar to a naturally occurring molecule called deoxycholic acid that is produced by the body and absorbs fats.

BELKYRA® is an injectable cytolytic drug that, when injected into tissue, physically destroys fat cells.

These fat cells then get absorbed by your body and over a period of 6-8 weeks, completely disappear.

This drug was created by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, a California-based company.

Is Belkyra | Kybella Safe?

Yes, it is – with over 20 clinical studies involving 2600 patients worldwide.

It was known at ATX-101 during the research phases. But it is now approved by health authorities globally and taking the world by storm.

Belkyra vs Liposuction / Surgery

  • No Surgical / Anesthesia Risk
  • Lower Cost / Price
  • Less Downtime

Belkyra vs Cryolipolysis

Belkyra is used for targeted and precise spot reduction of fat while cryolipolysis or “fat freezing” is used for debulking of larger areas of fat.

Depending on your anatomy, both treatments might be needed.

Belkyra vs Botox

Compared to Botox, results are Belkyra are more gradual – progressively noticeable results in 4-6 weeks.

Belkyra vs Mesotherapy

Belkyra is the only approved fat reduction injection in Singapore.

Mesotherapy is not allowed in Singapore based on Ministry of Health (Singapore) guidelines.

The Key to Successful Double Chin Reduction – Facial Assessment & Correct Patient Selection

Belkyra treats fat, it does not tighten loose neck skin.

For loose neck skin, Ultraformer 3 HIFU or EndyMed Radio-frequency are more suitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Belkyra treatment procedure?
After numbing cream is applied, this double chin treatment  is performed by a series of injections into the fat cells under the chin/double chin area. Each treatment takes approximately 30 minutes to perform.
Is Belkyra painful?
With numbing cream, the treatment is generally well tolerated.
Is Belkyra permanent?
Yes, the fat reduction is permanent.
Advantages of Belkyra | Kybella
BELKYRA® is the first and only US FDA approved non-surgical treatment for reduction of moderate to severe submental fullness, a common yet under-treated aesthetic condition.
What is the most common type of downtime for Belkyra?
The most common side-effect is injection site bruising and swelling. We take extra precaution using customised techniques to minimise the chances of bruising.
How many sessions of Belkyra do I need?
It depends on the extent of fat. For most patients, 3-4 treatments are needed for best results.
If you have a significant amount of under-chin fat, I may use cryolipolysis to debulk first, before finessing with Kybella, Belkyra.
When can I see the results of Belkyra?
Best results are seen 2-3 months after the final procedure.
Who is not suitable for Belkyra | Kybella?
Patients with dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing).
Is Belkyra | Kybella suitable for all types of double chin?
Double chin treatment with Belkyra | Kybella injections is only suitable for stubborn submental fat. This excess of submental fat causes double chins. It is not suitable for skin laxity.

For stubborn sub-mental fat, some patients would benefit more from Under-Chin Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing).

In other patients, both Belkyra and cryolipolysis might be needed.

It is best to consult an experienced doctor for expert opinion before embarking on the treatment journey.

Can Belkyra | Kybella tighten loose neck skin?
No. Belkyra | Kybella is a procedure which is effective in reducing double chin fat, however, it is not designed for tightening skin, specifically.

If you suffer excessive laxity on your neck area you may require a surgical treatment or nonsurgical therapy such as Ultraformer 3 HIFU.

Belkyra | Kybella has been known to tighten skin in some individuals.

However, this is a by-product of the reaction rather than the aim of treatment.

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