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Last updated on October 4th, 2023 at 10:00 pm

Singapore Cricket Club

Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) is a sports and lifestyle club located along Connaught Drive, Singapore city. It is the second oldest sports club in the city, after the Singapore Turf Club.

It was established in 1852 and moved from being an elite colonial club to an open multi-racial recreation club. Over time, the club has attracted over 3000 members actively involved in sporting and social activities.

Sporting activities at the club



The birth of SCC is attributed to the game of cricket; the first series of matches being held in October 1852.

The cricket section plays in Singapore Cricket Association league. SCCtwenty20 is the most anticipated event in the cricket calendar. It happens once in two years. Teams from various clubs across the region contest for the desired T20 trophy.


You’ve probably watched the popular SCC Rugby Sevens tournament. It is a premier international competition hosted by the SCC annually. It attracts rugby teams across the globe. The winner bags the coveted Ablitt Cup.


The soccer section participates in various leagues. These leagues include the Cosmoleague, the National football league, ESPEZEN league, the equatorial football league and of course the FA Cup. One of the biggest SCC events is the international football 7s. During this weekend of non-stop football, you’ll watch your favorite international football stars grace the occasion.


Both men and women divisions are catered for in this section. They participate in the National Squash League annually.

What makes the sport popular in SCC is the state-of-the-art facilities. Courts are well air-conditioned and partly encircled with glass panels.


Tennis section is one of the biggest units in the club. It has over 500 active members. Memberships include popular Singapore tennis player Roy Hobbs who has featured in a series of tournaments at the club. The inaugural Premier Tennis Competition was held in 2011 and it attracted famous players in the region.

Social activities at the club

Besides sporting, the club provides multiple social activities. For instance, you can visit the gym for multiple workouts. The exercises are great if you want to burn undesired belly fats. Kids can take part in the rope jump competition, dodge mat challenge or the dribble knockout.

Additionally, the club offers traditional social activities for men. These events revolve around drinks. At the Oval and Verandah joint, men participate in a drinking competition. Whoever wins gets more drinks.

What’s more, on a Sunday afternoon, you can play the famous Bridge card. Using the standard 52 card deck, you can win several deals through four progressive phases. The phases are: dealing the cards, bidding, playing the cards, and scoring the results.

Membership at the club

There are 5 types of membership at SCC, namely:

Term Membership

This is for a duration of 1 year and is renewable annually. If you renew the membership for five years progressively, you can buy the Ordinary Transferable Membership – at the prevailing market rate.

Sports Membership

Are you expecting to be an active member of the SCC and represent the club in tournaments and leagues? Then this is the ideal membership. However, you must have played the sport in question at a competitive level. Likewise, you should demonstrate an on-going commitment to the sport.

Ordinary Transferable Membership

To attain this membership, you need to buy membership from an existing member. The club assists in matching buyers and sellers and negotiating prices as well. This type of membership allows you to vote at the general meetings.

Junior Sports Membership

This is eligible for anyone between 13 and 26 years. You must be willing to participate in sports actively.

Corporate Membership

A registered company or business is eligible to join this membership. The corporate member can nominate anyone within their corporation to join as Ordinary members.

With the wide selection of sporting and social events, the SCC can make your holiday an unforgettable one.

But don’t forget to spend some time with nature by visiting Singapore Botanic Garden once in a while. Remember that joining a sport and communing with nature will improve your overall health.You may opt for Sozo Aesthetic Clinic treatments to give you a confidence boost.

Check out map below to help you get around the Singapore Cricket Club…


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