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How to Remove Eye Bags Permanently? Available Options and Solutions in Singapore

how to get rid of eye bags in singapore

Eye bags are the usual cosmetic concerns for people around the world. The formation of dark circle and bags under the eyes make people look tired and unattractive. Good thing, home remedies, medical, and surgical treatments are offered nowadays which can effectively get rid of these unattractive looking bags.

What are Eye Bags?

Eye usually appear as puffy, drooping skin under the eyes. This is caused by weakened muscles that are responsible for supporting the eyelids. Normal fat pads are then moved into the lower eyelids, causing the lids to look puffy.

how face changes as you age

(This illustration demonstrates the natural process of facial aging. This is NOT a Before/ After photo. This is a stock photo and it is NOT a guarantee of the results of any particular treatment or services offered.)

Eye bags can make you appear older than you really are. 

Mild eyebags can be treated with micro-needling and radio-frequency techniques, while severe eyebags may require surgery.

What Causes Eye Bags?

what causes eye bags

The skin surrounding the eyes is thin, which makes the area prone to fine lines, puffiness, and bags under the eyes. But what actually causes eye bags to happen? There are 3 common reasons for this:

Protrusion of under eye fat pad

A number of factors cause your under eye skin and its underlying soft tissues’ elasticity to decrease. As a result of decreased elasticity, the fat around the eyes, also called orbital fat, protrudes into the lower eyelids, which gives the baggy appearance. To target protrusions that give the puffy eye look, fats are removed or repositioned through some procedure.

Sagging under eye skin

saggy or droopy under eye skin

Sun damage, age, and a stressful lifestyle can make your skin lose its much-needed collagen and elastin – which are both essential proteins to maintain healthy and firm skin. Loss of collagen in your skin causes saggy under eye skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. This part is treated with procedures that tighten the skin where fat pockets have accumulated.

Volume loss at the tear trough


Due to several factors, the area around the eyes eventually loses fat and muscles while the bone structure weakens. This causes a hollowing of the tear through at the lid-cheek junction. This leads to a “tear trough deformity” which worsens the appearance of bags. The best treatment for this kind of volume loss is through an injectable filler. 

Other causes of eye bags

Most of the time, bags are not an indication of eye health problems as they happen naturally, especially with age. Here are other reasons why this occur.

 Sun Damages

Sun exposure is one of the most damaging factors that cause a wide range of skin care problems, including bags and puffy eyes. The harmful UV rays of the sun break downs the skin’s natural collagen and elastin – both in which are essential proteins in maintaining the skin’s structure, firmness, and flexibility. Too much sun exposure can also dehydrate the skin, which keeps it from functioning correctly. Moisture is important because it improves the appearance of puffy eyes. Dehydrated skin can emphasize the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, which contributes to bags. 



The skin around the eye is much thinner compared to other parts of the body and becomes loose as we age. As we get older, more fat comes out of the orbit (space enclosed by the eye sockets), which forms the puffy under eyes. The skin even gets thinner and weaker leading to drooping of the skin, which appears to be eye bags. Gravity also plays a significant role – so as you live longer under the effect of the force of gravity, the skin keeps drooping, which worsens your blemish as you get older.


Stressful Lifestyle

Stress can be another cause of bags. The capillaries surrounding the eyes can break or leak blood during stress. The blood can spread out and become oxidized, which forms the dark purple bags under your eyes. Stress also causes an imbalance in your body’s salt levels, which makes your eyes retain more water around it. 


Additionally, stress leads to other factors that also cause bags underneath your eyes. Inadequate sleep caused by stress can trigger the gathering of subcutaneous fat and fluid in the thin skin under your lower lids. Too much use of alcohol and tobacco contain toxic material which significantly contributes to stress, therefore causing eyebags to show up.


Family History

If you notice swollen, discoloured eye areas on several of your family members, there’s a high chance your eye bags are hereditary. The shape of your undereye can affect the depth of your under eye creases. Deep creases inherited from the family genes can make bags appear at an early age.


Fluid Retention

Lymphatic fluid is the fluid found under your eyes. Sometimes, this fluid accumulates under your eyes to the point it forms unattractive bags. A diet high in salt, allergies, and period in women can cause fluid build up in this area.

Home Remedies for Eye Bags: Do they really work?

singapore home remedies for eye bags

Factors like allergies, water retention, and certain sleeping positions may worsen the situation of bags under your eye – this is where home remedies and some lifestyle changes can help you get rid or minimize the appearance of these bags. However, some bags that are caused by other underlying conditions such as age and genetics may not be well treated just by home remedies alone. Medical treatments, with help from a specialist, can lead you to a higher chance of getting rid of bags underneath your eyes.

Can you get rid of eye bags instantly using natural treatments?

Some home remedies can give you a quick fix but may only last for a short time. Most natural treatments require to be done consistently for a more extended period of time if you want more visible and longer results.

Do eye bag creams work?

do eye bag creams work

Eye creams contain active ingredients that target problems seen around the eye area, which contribute to the appearance of bags, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Most creams contain ingredients such as retinol and Vitamin C to boost production of collagen in order to improve the skin’s elasticity. Some eye bag creams work effectively as long as it has the right ingredients. However, some situation, depending on the severity and cause, may require more than just eye creams.

Eye Bag Treatments Singapore

Some topical creams and natural remedies can help you get rid of bags up to a certain level, but will also require you to stay religiously consistent with the treatments. Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore offer non-surgical treatments that give more eye lift and drastically reduce dark eye circles in a shorter period of time.

Before anything else, it’s important to consult a specialist to rule out any underlying conditions causing your eye bags. After this happens, you can identify what eye bag treatment is suitable for your situation. 

Sozo Clinic offers a number of eye bag treatments in Singapore:


INFINI is a treatment that uses two of the most effective rejuvenating techniques which are micro-needling and radiofrequency. This device uses its microneedles to deliver RF energy deep into the skin. INFINI improve saggy skin and fine lines that surround the eyes. The energy emitted by the device stimulates collagen and elastin production – which are both crucial proteins to tighten tissues and improve skin texture. 

INFINI treatment cost starts from $850


This treatment uses radiofrequency energy in two ways: dermal heating and controlled micro-resurfacing. Dermal heating works deep into the skin to encourage collagen production to make the skin firmer. Micro-resurfacing is responsible for working on fine lines and wrinkles and also brightens the skin complexion. Both of these ways work together to reduce the appearance of bags. 

You can have this eye bag treatment starting at $500.

Pico Laser

PicoLaser is a powerful picosecond laser that can remove even stubborn pigmentations such as melasma, freckles, and hyperpigmentation. It’s not just a powerful treatment but also safer than traditional laser treatments. It works in ultra-short 450 picosecond laser pulses instead of nanoseconds. This means, it breaks down pigmentation at a faster rate and shatters them into smaller fragments to make it easier for the body to remove.

This treatment costs from $180.


Also known as High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, HIFU uses ultrasound energy to reach deep into the skin and deliver heat. This heat is what stimulates collagen and elastin production leading to a tightening, lifting, and rejuvenating effect. This device target the dermis and superficial muscular aponeurotic systems to improve saggy skin and wrinkles. 

HIFU price for eye bag treatment starts from $450

Fractional Picosecond Laser

Fractional Pico laser Resurfacing delivers energy to shatter pigmented cells without damaging surrounding tissues. It created micro-cavities deep into the sub-layers of the skin to stimulate collagen and elastic fibres. This laser treatment reduces the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

Get this treatment at a price starting from $450

Rejuran i Fillers

This is an anti-aging injection that contains PDRN, a Salmon DNA. It helps reduce the appearance of dark eye circles by helping repair damaged tissues and stimulate collagen production. Rejuran improves sagging skin and fine lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet that may contribute to tired-looking eyes.

Price starts from $500.

Hyaluronic Fillers

Bags under the eyes are also caused by loss of fat and bone volume around the eyes; this is where hyaluronic fillers can help. This filler is injected in the area to replace volume loss and reduce the appearance of bags.

Price starts from $800.

Confused about which treatment you need? 

More than 90% of people require a combination of several treatments to achieve satisfactory results. A formal face-to-face medical consultation is required for definite diagnosis and treatment plan. 


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