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Last updated on June 11th, 2019 at 11:20 am
Hair Removal Treatment in Singapore

Hair Removal Treatment in Singapore

How It Works

Medical-grade intense pulsed light is applied to the skin, targeting melanin (dark pigment). This light travels through the skin and strikes the hair shafts or roots. Light is absorbed by the hair roots and this causes the roots to be heated and destroyed.

Hair follicles go through different phases of growth and take turns to be active. As this treatment only targets active follicles, multiple sessions would be required to eventually target most of the hair follicles in the target treatment area.

After a few sessions of IPL, the hair that regrows is much finer and less dark. Eventually, hair regrowth is reduced, leading to smoother skin.

As IPL also targets melanin in the skin, the areas that have been treated will also become brighter.

Why Us

We use medical-grade hair removal devices that are more cost-effective and safer than traditional IPLs.