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Face Slimming Treatments in Singapore

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Our facial features make a significant impact on how we look. Just like the body, we vary in different face shapes and sizes. While some are born with well-defined facial features that make them look slimmer, it is possible to achieve the same look using the following proven strategies.

Slimming down and contouring your face is possible through home treatments or non-surgical procedures. Facial slimming treatments can reduce facial fats, lift and tighten skin, and even help you achieve that desirable V-shaped face for a rejuvenated and slimmer look.

Non-Invasive Face Slimming Treatments

Non-surgical procedure for face slimming includes more than just reducing facial fats. Nowadays, with innovative treatments, you have the option for removing fats, lifting and tightening skin, rejuvenating tissues, facial augmentations, and a lot more.

There is no clear path suited for everyone because the procedures will depend on personalized goals. But the most effective treatments offer natural and long-lasting results without having to go under the knife.

Below are several effective non-surgical face slimming treatment available in Singapore:

Botox Face Slimming

jaw botox injection singapore

Botox jaw injection treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical solution that helps slim down your face back to its healthy and youthful shape. Years of overworking your jaw muscles from frequent use (e.g. chewing, clenching) causes it to overdevelop. This results in a square-jaw look.

Face slimming through this treatment is done by injecting Botox in several areas along the length of the masseter muscles.

This relaxes the jaw muscles and blocks nerve impulses in the area, which then allows the jawline to become smaller and allow the cheekbones to appear fuller and lifted.

square jaw line

Overall, botox face slimming treatment results in reduced muscle jaw size, a more defined jawline, a gentler curved cheek, and slimmer face.

The effect of Botox to masseter muscles for face slimming lasts for an average of 4 months. After multiple treatments (usually at least 3 treatment sessions), the face slimming effects can last for 6 months.

Price of Botox to Jaw-line for face slimming: from $650 (inclusive of touch-up within 1 month).

Ultraformer HIFU is a non-invasive treatment that is effective for contouring the face without surgery and downtime. While this treatment helps boost collagen and elastin production, it also melts fats in your cheeks and double chin. It leads to many benefits like face slimming (V-face shaping), double chin reduction, skin lifting and tightening, and skin tone improvement

hifu treatment cost in singapore

Ultraformer HIFU uses ultrasound waves that penetrate deep into the skin targeting depths of 1.5mm, 3mm, and 4.5mm. The procedure heats collagen fibres, which causes them to thicken and result in a tightening and lifting effect – at the same time, the high energy emitted also melts facial fats.

For collagen stimulation, only 1 session of HIFU treatment is needed per year.

For fat melting and facial slimming, several HIFU treatments might be needed to achieve desired results, due to individual differences in amount of facial fat.

Price of HIFU Ultraformer: from $450.

Filler Injections

dermal fillers for sharper jawline

Pockets of fats around the face, especially the ones that hang below the chin, make your face look fatter. One way to make your face appear slimmer is a V-shaped face. Now, not everyone is born with a defined jawline and chin to achieve that desirable face shape. This is where chin fillers come in.

Dermal filler treatments are done by injecting soft gels into the skin to give it more volume and to sculpt your jaw-line.

dermal filler singapore

Facial augmentations to get the ‘V-shaped face’ can be done by injecting chin fillers in the targeted area – this will bring the chin forward to make it sharper and more well-defined, which in turn will make a face look slimmer.

Price of Filler injections: from $800/syringe.

Home Techniques for Face Slimming

The accumulation of fats in your face can be detrimental to your appearance and may even affect your confidence. You need to get rid of those fats if you want a toned structure and have a striking appearance.

When you hear about ‘natural treatments for a slimmer face’, the first thing that you may think of is facial exercises. While these exercises may be effective, there are also other techniques for face slimming that can be done in the comfort of your own home. Adjusting your lifestyle and paying more attention to your weight is important to maintain long-lasting results.

Here are some home techniques to help shed weight from your face and tone your facial muscles for more defined features.

Add Cardio Workouts to your Routine

cardio workout

Targeting your facial fats alone may be impossible, especially when you have accumulated excess weight both in your face and body. Facial slimming exercises may also help, but naturally, a more effective and quick way for face slimming is to lose some pounds on your body, too. Cardio exercises can burn hundreds of calories in an hour and can help you lose weight all over, including fats around your face.

Walking is a low-impact but effective exercise. This is best for beginners who want to improve their cardiovascular fitness. Once stamina increases, you can pick up your pace until you start to brisk walk and jog. The faster the pace and the longer the duration of your cardio exercise, the more calories you burn. Treadmills, stair climbers, and stationary bicycles are cardiovascular machines that support face slimming and overall weight-loss.

Prevent Water Retention

prevent water retention

Water retention can be caused by a high sodium diet, hormonal changes, medical reason, or any number of reasons. If you’re experiencing facial bloating and it is not caused by any medical condition, there are ways to reduce your water retention.

Eating more whole foods, cutting out on sodium, regular exercise, and keeping yourself hydrated are sure ways to prevent water retention.

While facial bloating is a common effect of too much sodium and it is not a cause of concern, if you experience other symptoms along with it like upset stomach and hives, be sure to consult your doctor.

Fat-burning Foods

fat burning foods

To lose more face and body fat, you will need to boost your metabolic rate. Certain foods can lead to fat reduction and can help you lose weight over time by stimulating your metabolism and suppressing your appetite.

Fat-burning foods you need to include in your diet are nuts, eggs, green tea, cayenne peppers, coconut oil, salmon, brown rice, soy bean, yogurt, and grapefruit.

Omega-3s and Omega-6s act as building blocks of a healthy cell membrane for our skin. Both of these nutrients retain the elasticity of the cells, can help minimize the risk of cancer, and supports the immune system. They are also known as dietary proteins that can offset hunger, which will reduce your overall food intake.

Cut Back on Sodium and Refined Sugar

cut back on sodium and sugar

The body will need to balance itself out after taking in high levels of sodium. This causes water retention in certain areas, which usually includes the face. High-sodium foods like ramen, pizza, chips, alcoholic beverages, refined and processed foods, and dairy products, causes bloating on your face. It’s best to avoid these kinds of food, especially at night.

You cannot deny the fact that sugar has a lot of harmful effects. Excessive intake of sugar significantly affects the skin’s elasticity, which speeds up your aging. Sugar molecules can hinder collagen and elastin, which can make your skin saggier. It also spikes up your insulin that causes water retention, especially on your face.

What you should eat instead are fruits and vegetables, fermented foods, whole grains, and yogurt. Keep yourself well- throughout the day to reduce water retention and lower the risk of facial puffiness.

Get Enough Sleep

get enough sleep

You need to get more shut-eye as lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your immune system and cause inflammation both in your face and body. Poor sleep has a big impact on your natural hormones, which creates an inflammatory environment – like a puffier face. It is recommended to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night to keep your body in its natural rhythm.

BONUS: Face Contouring Techniques

face contouring techniques

Besides non-surgical treatments and home techniques, there are contouring techniques that may help your facial bloating go down. Contouring tools combined with creams or natural oil with the proper massaging techniques can give support to your facial lymph drainage system to debloat and slim down your face.

Facial massage tools such as jade rollers, guasha tools, and other facial devices can help bring down inflammation and kick start your blood circulation for glowing skin. The massage and kneading techniques can lift and tighten muscles, which may result in more define features such as the jawline.

To know what treatment is best for your goals, do your research and consult a trained and experienced doctor. They will know what methods are appropriate for your needs.



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After graduating from the National University of Singapore, Dr Boey’s journey in aesthetics brought him to esteemed institutions such as Harvard Medical School, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Queen Mary University of London in diverse cities like Seoul, London, Boston and New York.