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Last updated on October 4th, 2023 at 10:00 pm
Singapore City Gallery

Singapore City Gallery

Singapore City Gallery demonstrates Singapore’s transformation over the last 50 years. It tells the city’s growth story using 40 immersive and interactive exhibits. The demonstrations showcase the city’s planning challenges and solutions to tackle them. Through detailed models, visitors get relevant information about well-known architectural attractions, and how they were meticulously constructed.

A brief history

Located in Chinatown, Singapore, the gallery was opened by Lim Hng Kiang (National Development Minister then) on 27th January 1999. The initial cost of the project was S$4.2 million. The facility was expected to host 36,000 visitors annually. Guests would be students and local community groups.

In 2004, 80% of its shows were refurbished, including the main exhibit the Central Area Model. In 2011, another renovation was done to add more exhibits like the 270-degree panorama of life. The latest revamp was in 2018 and the gallery was re-opened in early 2019.

Major Attractions

The 270-degree Panoramic Show

This great spot will enable you to see how Singaporeans work, live, eat and play. The exhibition illustrates the daily scenes from across Singapore city. You get to see what happens in the ‘Garden city’ from dawn to dusk.

Central Area Model

Actually, this is the centrepiece of the Singapore city gallery. It is an 11m by a 10m architectural model made of balsa and acrylic wood. The model comprises of individual representations that allow you to see Singapore city’s past designs. The city’s current towering skyscrapers are on display. There is a model of how the city may look like in the future – perhaps a generation ahead.

Central Area Discoverer

At this station, you’ll find an interactive library. It consists of tens of videos stories and over 1000 pictures of the city’s past, present and future. You’ll see how urban planners try to come up with innovative solutions to solve space constraints in the city.

Play the Urban Planners Game

Have you ever wondered how city planners find space to put up buildings in congested cities? It takes planning strategies. The planners’ game is an interactive one that allows you to step into a planner’s shoe. You’ll come up with your own city planning schemes to cope with space demands as well as population burdens.

Conservation Show

On the second floor, you’ll see a demonstration of efforts put in place to conserve places and spaces in Singapore. The show provides compelling insights into the way government derives land reclamation policies in the city. This reclaimed land is used to deal with issues of water, transport, and housing.

3D Map

If you are interested in watching an architectural appearance of the entire city, step to the ground floor. You’ll find a large scale model that acts as a 3D Map. It represents the entire island. It will enable you to look around for familiar sights.

Play Singapore Shaping Game

Play this interactive game and pick your preferred look for Singapore. With this game, you’ll design and shape the city in the way you would like it to appear in the future.  It is a wish list game that enables you to create a city that meets your needs. Whether you are a tech visionary, a nature lover or a heritage buff, there are enough options for you.

Mapping Singapore Exhibition

At this spot, you’ll trace Singapore for the past 100years.  The exercise is enabled through the 40 maps and plans provided in this permanent exhibition. You’ll uncover Singapore’s first public aquarium, the earliest roads, and the first steam trams. Also, you’ll view impressive architectural models done by popular architects like I.M Pei and Kenzo Tange.

Singapore City Gallery is intriguing because it showcases a city planner’s view of Singapore. The games and demonstrations are exciting and enable you to visualize the future Singapore City.

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Check out this map to guide you on your way to the Singapore City Gallery… 


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