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Last updated on October 4th, 2023 at 10:00 pm
Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore is committed to creating a learning environment, not just for students, but for the general public as well. The Centre promotes science and technology. As a leading science establishment in Jurong East, Singapore, it has 12 exhibition galleries with over 1000 interactive exhibits.

The institution covers a 60,000 square meters site. It was built at a budget cost of $12 million. Dr Toh Chin Chye (minister of Science Centre Board at the time) officially opened it on 10th December 1977. Over 1 million visitors flock the establishment each year.

Here’s a round-up of the Centre’s major scientific and technological attractions:

The Human Body

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to get inside the human body? The human body exhibition literally takes you on a ride through the human anatomy. You will scale through body systems, organs and muscles as you experience how your body looks like right from the inside.

Up-Close With Transformers

The Centre hosts a Transformers exhibition. From the Transformers franchise, you will see your favourite movie characters such as the Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Grimlock. These heroes pose with really big guns – a thrilling sight for robot fans.

The Earth’s Changing Climate

This exhibition lets you learn about Singapore’s climatic change. You will learn the effects of the changes while still discovering ways to reduce negative environmental impact. Interactive screen games like the Cloud Make enable you to create your own cloud. What’s more, you’ll find a sunshine recorder game which records the duration the sun shone on your birthday (ideal attraction for kids).

Scientific Theories

There are more than five science shows happening daily at the Centre. The Fire Tornado Show gives kids a chance to play with fire at a close range. Though the fire is encircled in a glass chamber, you can actually feel the heat.

The Live Animal Exhibits

From the hissing cockroaches to the leopard gecko, kids will watch exotic creatures right in their natural habitats. At the Incubation Centre, there is an exciting exhibition of a few hen eggs hatching. You’ll see newborn chicks peck out of the egg shells.


This is another world created just for the kids. They get their own garden, a construction site, and even a supermarket. They‘ll get to know about how science plays vital role in our daily lives.

Learning Outdoors

Nature offers a large part of science, and so, the Centre enables you to explore science outdoors. Both adults and kids will have a myriad of activities at the Waterworks, Eco Garden and the Kinetic Garden sections.  

Get a New Science Hobby

The Curiosity Shop offers items such as a beginner’s microscope and various science starter kits. These objects are inspirational and you’ll realize that there are greater things to discover in the world of science.

With the Observatory session that occurs every Friday, you’ll watch space from an astronomer’s view. You may even spot a constellation.

Watch Documentaries

In Singapore, the Omni-Theatre is the very first IMAX theatre. Watching documentaries in this theatre brings you closer to reality. You see terrifying creatures in their habitats. Visitors encounter predators that they love to fear, like the gigantic white shark.

Additionally, along with narrations from the documentaries, there are conservation messages about the animals that will give you a humbling perspective. Some fascinating facts are exposed as well; are you aware that sharks don’t have a single bone?

Snow City

Singapore is a tropical city, but be sure to get a taste of winter in the indoor snow Centre. As you slide the snow slope with the snow tube, you’ll encounter sculptures of extinct creatures.

Also, watch The Snow Show, an exhibition on the ice. Learn about the properties of water, ice and snow.

Learning science and technology at the Science Centre Singapore is affordable. It doesn’t matter if you’re passionate about science & technology or only have a little interest in it. The attractions at the Centre are worth it. You are guaranteed some fun moments while still learning something new.

Another place that’s highly recommended for kids is the Singapore City Gallery,where they will be immersed about Singapore’s architectural attractions.

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Below is a map to the Science Centre Singapore..


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