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Last updated on January 18th, 2019 at 7:49 pm


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Back Acne Treatment in Singapore: Reviews & Prices

You don’t have to live with back acne! Dr Justin Boey reviews the best back acne removal treatments in Singapore.  What is Back Acne?Back Acne or “bacne” is an acne skin condition that affects your back, shoulders and chest. You might have back acne...

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Rejuran i Eye Treatment Review & Price

Can Rejuran I Eye beat eye creams?Dr Justin Boey from Sozo Aesthetic Clinic reviews Rejuran I Eye treatment in Singapore.  What is Rejuran I Eye Treatment?Rejuran I (Eye) is an injection containing PN (Salmon DNA) that reduces crow’s feet and fine...

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Bra Bulge & Back Fat Removal in Singapore

Annoyed by stubborn bits of fat whenever you wear a tight dress or swim-suit?  Dr Justin Boey, Medical Director of Sozo Aesthetic Clinic, reviews treatments that will get rid of these pockets of fat effectively.     What causes bra bulge fat and back fat? Bra...

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Keloid Scar Removal in Singapore: Review, Price

Get Rid of Keloids Safely and Effectively!Dr Justin Boey, Medical Director of Sozo Aesthetic Clinic, shares how.  What are keloids?When skin is injured, fibrous scar tissue forms over the wound to repair the injury. In certain cases, scar tissue grows...

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