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Stretch Marks

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks happen at areas that undergo repetitive stretching which results in scarring at the dermal level, and atrophy (loss of skin cells) at the epidermal level.

Who Gets Stretch Marks?

During pregnancy, common areas affected include the abdomen and breast, whereas male bodybuilders commonly get stretch marks on their shoulders.

Adolescents who experience rapid growth during puberty may develop stretch marks at the thighs and backs.

What Are The Types Of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks may first start to appear pink in colour, then turn reddish (striae rubra) and finally overtime it lightens (striae alba).

Early Stretch Marks

Matured Stretch Marks

Striae rubra become apparent for about 4 months, while straie alba may start to appear for many months to years later.

Treatment Options

Early Stretch Marks Treatment

Young stretch marks are easier to treat than older ones. 595nm Gold Toning Laser uses a specific wavelength can target the redness of early stretch marks and stimulate collagen growth and repair. The 595nm wavelength is specific for the haemoglobin that is responsible for giving the reddish appearance in striae rubra.

Mature Stretch Marks Treatment

Edge Fractional CO2 and INFINI RF treatment can stimulate new collagen and strengthen skin affected by stretch marks.

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Stretch Marks
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