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Last updated on March 3rd, 2020 at 6:25 pm
Skin Booster Injections using Rejuran Healer

Skin Booster Injections Using Rejuran Healer

Treatments from $500

What is Rejuran Healer Skin Booster?

Rejuran Healer is a rejuvenating skin treatment made of biological molecules called polynucleotides (PN).

Nucleotides are the basic structural units which make up DNA. The DNA extract in Rejuran Healer is obtained from salmon, then fragmented into PNs.

Benefits of Rejuran Healer

  • Enlarged pores
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Acne scars
  • Stretch Marks
  • Saggy skin
  • Dark eye circles

How Rejuran Works

The 2 main effects of Rejuran Healer, or PN/PDRN are:

Wound healing

through stimulation of growth factors, increased microcirculation

Anti-inflammatory effects

through scavenging of free radicals and blockage of inflammatory cytokines in the body

Rejuran does this through several mechanisms:

PN/PDRN work by biologically increasing the metabolic activity of cells in the skin called fibroblasts – the fibroblasts in the skin are stimulated to regenerate key components of the skin which we lose with age, such as collagen, glycosaminoglycans and glycoproteins. In other words, PNs awaken tired aged cells to act younger and get to work again.

PN/PDRN act mechanically as a scaffolding for cells and the extracellular matrix to grow – they have a 3-dimensional structure where fibroblasts can use to produce its regenerative effects.

PN/PDRN provide building blocks for DNA synthesis. Through salvage pathways, the PNs are broken down by the body’s processes into purines and pyrimidines, then recycled into new DNA again.

Choose Sozo for Rejuran Skin Booster

Dr Boey uses the “hand injected” technique which allows him to target problem areas more precisely and minimise wastage of Rejuran.



Medical Director

After graduating from the National University of Singapore, Dr Boey’s journey in aesthetics brought him to esteemed institutions such as Harvard Medical School, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Queen Mary University of London in diverse cities like Seoul, London, Boston and New York.