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Units Of Botox Per Area: How Many Do I Need?

Botox (bacterium clostridium botulinum) is a medication, and like any other medication, it has a recommended optimal amount that is to be determined by a medical professional to achieve desired results. Botox dosage is measured in units. The best results come from combining the appropriate dosage with precise targeting injection sites.

What is a unit of botox?

A Botox unit is the measurement of the amount of Botox that’s injected into the body. Botox typically comes in 100 unit vials.

These are the common treatment areas using botox. Let us run through how much botox and how many units of do I need for effective treatment.

Glabellar lines (frown area)

The average units used for frown lines (Lateral Canthal Lines) is 15-20. Because the muscles are very strong, more dosage are needed to combat these lines and wrinkles. For some individuals, more dosage may be required.

Crow’s feet

Unit of botox are about 10 for on each side to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles of crow’s feet. Some patients also experience a light eyebrow lift.

Bunny lines

10 botox units are recommended to patients on each side. Anything less will not give the desired effect because the muscle is like a fan and treatment must hit the whole muscles.

Forehead lines

Forehead lines can be treated with Botox Treatment. 5-15 units of Botox are recommended to treat fine lines on the forehead and to give a tighter appearance, depending on the size of the forehead or how much movement is needed.

Masseter Muscle

The masseter muscle is activated when patients grind or clench teeth. This can result from stress or simply be a bad habit. This may cause soreness in the jaw, lead to temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), or result in a wide look at the bottom of the face. Doctors typically recommend injecting 15 – 20 units of botox on each side, which can promote a slimmer face and also act as functional relief because it combats symptoms of teeth-grinding or clenching.


The platysmal bands may stick out as you get older. You can check yours by making an exaggerated E sound with your mouth and looking for two lines on your neck. When activated, the muscle protrudes. Injecting Botox helps suck in the muscle and make it look taut. Doctors recommend treatment options anywhere between 20 to 60 units.

Everyone Has Different Needs

The number of unit that you will receive will be based on your individual needs. Some patient may need more than the recommended guidelines to treat severe fine lines and wrinkles.

Men tend to have stronger facial muscles; this means that it will take more Botox to penetrate those muscles. A man may need 15 units for each side to help to treat crow’s feet. One thing is for sure, no two patients are alike and the dosage needed will be based on individual needs.

Sometimes Less is More

Your cosmetic provider will work with you to customize a plan that will help you work up to an optimal dosage of botox. It is always best to start low and work your way up. Especially if it is your first treatment getting botox injections. When you come back in for your two weeks follow-up appointment more can be added if necessary.

Botox treatment will peak at two weeks, so this is the best time to look at the results that were obtained. It is easy to add more botox, but you cannot take them away once they have been given. Results can last up to four to six months. If too much botox is given, you would have to wait for it to wear off. 

How much does Botox treatments cost in Singapore?

Cost by Area

Forehead wrinkles (horizontal lines) : $200 – $700 / 8 – 25 units

Glabellar lines (frown area) : $150 – $600 / 8 – 20 units

Crow’s feet lines (lines beside eyes) : $150 – $600 / 8 – 20 units

Bunny lines (nose wrinkles) : $100 – $500 /4 – 10 units

Gummy smile : $150 – $500 /4 – 8 units

Downturned lips (sad looking lips) : $150 – $500 /4 – 8 units

Chin dimpling : $100 – $500 /4 – 8 units

Jaw botox (for face slimming) : $400 – $1700 /40 – 80 units

Cost by Units

Many clinics in Singapore charge based on the number of units used. The price differs based on the brand of botox cosmetic used.

Botox price in Singapore : $15- 25/unit

Xeomin price in Singapore : $15- 20/unit

Dysport price in Singapore : $12- 20/unit

Do you need fewer units of Botox treatment over time?

Years of Botox cosmetic treatments used may mean you will need less and less for maintenance over time. With appropriate frequency and amount of botox units, your muscles become less strong and you may not need as much Botox treatment or need it as frequently. When your stronger facial muscles are ‘trained’ not to move, it helps with the aging process, preventing fine lines and wrinkles to achieve desired result of youthful appearance.

How many units are in 1 syringe of Botox?

There are 100 units of Botox and Xeomin per syringe and 300 units of Dysport per syringe.


Botox injections for the treatment of facial wrinkles is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures in Cosmiatry. Particularly on the upper face treatment with BoNT offers predictable results, has few adverse effects, and is associated with high patient satisfaction. Complications with cosmetic botox injections are uncommon, and those that occur are usually mild and transient. However, it is suggested that the commented parameters and safety areas be incorporated into daily practice so that the possibilities of botulinum toxin complications are minimized as much as possible.

It is important that to ensure the clinic you are looking into has a qualified doctor administering the treatment, prescribing information, personalized treatment plan regarding the clients’ overall aspects and professional with in-depth anatomical knowledge is an even safer choice.


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