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FUE Hair Transplant

3 Ways to Get the Best Results

At Sozo, we use FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant technique.

FUE Hair Transplant – Gold Standard in Hair Restoration Surgery in Singapore

Hair transplant in Singapore has dramatically evolved over the last five decades.

In the last decade, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the gold standard hair transplant surgery in Singapore.

3 Ways to Get the Best Hair Transplant Results in Singapore

1. Pick Your Hair Transplant Surgeon Wisely

Price matters. But results of hair transplant matter EVEN more.

Beyond “price/graft”, factors like “survival rate” are more important.

This is because your hair follicles are FINITE.

Those follicles that do not survive the transplant are gone – forever.

This brings me to my next point…

2. Technology Matters

There are many technological advances that improve the success rate of hair transplant surgery – is your hair surgeon using them?

Post-treatment care is one of the most important factors of a hair transplant treatment.

Often times, this is what differentiates success from failure.

Is your post-treatment recovery package comprehensive enough?

3. Alternatives Matter

You want the best for your hair. But is hair transplant ALWAYS the best option in Singapore?

Apart from topical hair sprays/ oral medicines and hair transplant surgery, what are the other options?

We offer Regenera Activa – a minimally invasive hair regenerative treatment that bridges medications and surgery.

Regenera Activa can be used before and after hair transplant to enhance results.

Hair Transplant is a major decision – Make a Wise Choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FUE hair transplant painful?

The first 5 minutes will involve injection of local anaesthesia which will numb the area of harvesting.

You may experience some discomfort during this period of the procedure but after that, the excision and extraction are painless.

There will be another round of smaller local anaesthetic injections to prepare the recipient area (bald area) for implantation of the follicular grafts, which can be slightly uncomfortable as well.

After this, you will not feel any pain and your scalp will feel numb for up to 18 hours.

Most patients may require 1-2 days of mild painkillers post-operatively.

Does FUE hair transplant leave scars?

Using meticulous FUE technique, the donor area skin heals very well.

However, FUE is not a scar-less procedure – upon close inspection tiny spots of 0.8mm hypopigmented (lighter colour than your original skin colour) marks can be noticed if you shave your head.

If you leave your hair out to 3-5mm in length at the donor area, these ‘scars’ will not be visible.

Can I go back to work right after hair transplant?

There will be a bandage that covers the donor area to keep the area free from bacteria and to ensure quick healing.

The bandage will be removed one day after the procedure and your hair and scalp will be washed in the clinic by our team, to ensure that the grafts are not damaged.

We recommend taking 2-3 days off work.

When will I recovery fully from FUE Hair Transplant?

After 1 week, the donor area hair would have grown out sufficiently to cover up the punch marks caused by the FUE hair transplant.

At this point, scabs would have formed, which signify that the healing process has started and some scabs may have already started to drop off at the 1-week mark.

We advise that you avoid heavy physical activity for the first 2-3 days after a hair transplant procedure.

Avoid steam rooms, saunas and chlorinated pools for 1-2 months after the procedure.

How long will it be before I see an improvement after a hair transplant?

It is usually one year after your hair transplant procedure that you see full results, as hair follicles go through a cycle of shedding and then growing.

A good cosmetic result will be witnessed after 6 months. The best aesthetic results happen after 9 – 12 months when the transplanted hair follicles develop fully.

First 1-3 months: The first 1-4 months after surgery involves hair shafts detaching from the implanted roots and you may feel that all the implant hair has ‘been lost’.

It’s important to note that implanted hair will shed temporarily over the first 2 – 3 months, which happens due to the stress of surgery.

Your hair grafts will start to gradually grow back after 3 months, following which you can expect 10% more hair growth with each passing month.

From 4-6 months: New strong transplanted hairs will start to sprout.

From 6-9 months: The implanted hairs will appear denser and you will see 80% of the results at 9 months.

Hence, I advise my patients to undergo a hair transplant at least 6 months to 1 year before an important event.

What are the most important considerations when patients are thinking about going for a hair transplant?

You should feel comfortable with the clinic and team that is treating you.

You should be consulting the doctor who is performing the surgery for you and he or she should be able to answer all your questions pertaining to your condition.

While hair transplant may be touted as a permanent solution to your hair loss woes, you may not be the most suitable candidate for the procedure.

After consulting with Dr Justin Boey, he may suggest that you go on medications or perform a regenerative medicine procedure to stop further hair loss and optimize the condition of the existing hairs first.

What are the costs of hair transplant treatment?

Hair transplant procedures in Singapore cost around SGD$7000 for small cases and up to SGD$15-20,000 for complicated, larger cases involving more hair grafts being transplanted.

The price varies according to:

  1. The number of grafts that you need
  2. The surgeon’s fee
  3. The price for each hair graft: $6 – $8/graft (manual FUE), $9 – $12/graft (ARTAS Robotic FUE).

The most important factor in determining the cost of your hair transplant is the number of hair grafts you need.

As you can see from the illustration, someone with moderate hair loss will require about 2,000 grafts.

Another important factor that affects the final cost of your hair transplant in Singapore is the survival rate of your hair grafts.

I cannot emphasize to patients enough that the survival rate of hair grafts affects total costs MORE than the number of grafts transplanted.

A poorly performed hair transplant procedure will:

  1. Cost more in the long run as you have to repeat the procedure
  2. Prevent you from ever getting a full head of hair again, as any grafts that don’t survive are gone forever. You have a finite number of hair grafts.
ARTAS Robotic FUE vs manual FUE hair transplant: Which is the best?

The short answer: Results are determined by the Surgeon, NOT the Technology.

FUE procedures are not something new to the market, but a majority of the procedures done throughout the world are manual handheld FUE procedures.

ARTAS vs Manual FUE: Results Comparison

A manual handheld FUE hair transplant is a procedure that is done by a physician using a handheld device to extract the individual hair follicles. Much of the success of this form of procedure is entirely as a result of the efficiency and experience of the Physician, to ensure that harvesting happens at a natural distance apart and that the hair follicle does not get transected during harvesting.

In comparison, the ARTAS FUE hair transplant procedure is a physician-guided robotic FUE hair transplant device. This simply states that the physician will be in control of the robot during the procedure by selecting the density amount desired for harvesting as well as mapping out the desired donor area.

The best results are still dependent on the hair transplant doctor’s technique and art of hair-line design to achieve natural results with good graft survival rates.

ARTAS vs Manual FUE: Price Comparison

The cost of your FUE hair transplant with ARTAS FUE is double compared to manual FUE ($12 – 14/graft).

This means that an ARTAS hair transplant of 1,000 follicles will cost you $14,000 for an extra 20 – 30 hair follicles successfully transplanted.

In comparison, a manual hair transplant of 1,000 follicles will only cost you $4,000 – $5,000.

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