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Last updated on December 19th, 2018 at 12:17 am

Dark Eye Circles

Your eyes are the “windows to your soul”.

As the central feature of your face, your eyes are usually the first area to show signs of aging.

“Eye Complex” can be assessed by dividing this delicate area into 2 halves:

Upper Eyelid Complex

  • Brows
  • Glabellar
  • Upper eyelid
  • Crow’s feet
  • Temples

Lower Eyelid Complex

  • Lower Lid Eye bags/ Tear trough deformity/ Dark eye circles
  • Mid-cheek

Upper Eyelid Complex

One of the most common reasons for “tired-looking eyes” is droopy eyelids. However, droopy eyelids may not be the Only reason.

I encourage my patients to look beyond the upper eye lids.

A droopy Brow is another reason. As one ages, brow shape and position can change due to skeletal bone loss, loss of muscle and loss of collagen. The result is loss of brow arch and droopy brows.

This is treated by using Dermal Fillers to replace soft tissue and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and Radiofrequency (RF) technology for skin tightening.

Wrinkles around the eyes also cause one’s eyes to look Aged.

Glabella wrinkles and crow’s feet develop over time due to repeated muscle activity. This is treated using anti-wrinkle neuro-toxin injections.

Lower Eyelid Complex

Tried over-the-counter eye creams but still not getting results?

The key to treating dark eye circles is to identify the Cause of dark eye circles.

1. Volume Loss

Over time, there is loss of Fat & Bone around the eye. This results in “Tear trough deformity”.

The best treatment for this is injectable filler to replace the volume loss.

Commonly used fillers for tear trough treatment are hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

2. Allergy

Allergy can cause congestion of blood vessels at the undereye region, which are easily seen due to the thin undereye skin.

The best treatment is to treat allergy is anti-histamines.

3. Pigmentation

Undereye skin is prone to pigmentation as the skin is very delicate and most forget to apply skin protection close enough to the undereye.

A Picosecond Laser is the treatment of choice for pigmentation, especially at the delicate undereye area due to its safety profile.

4. Eyebag

Eyebags are due to an “out-pouching” of undereye fat. Severe eyebags will require surgery. However, mild eyebags can be treatment with microneedling Radio-Frequency devices that deliver heat to melt the fat through tiny needles.

5. Loss Of Collagen

Thin undereye skin makes blood vessels more visible.

Collagen stimulating lasers can help to strengthen and thicken the undereye skin so that the blood vessels are less prominent.

Loose skin can tightened using HIFU, INFINI Fractional Radio-Frequency, Fractional Picosecond Laser and Specialised eye creams that contain retinoids and growth factors.

6. Undereye Wrinkles

Fine undereye lines cause darker contours and shadow. Small, precise doses of Anti-wrinkle injections will help to relax the pre-tarsal muscles to soften the fine lines.

Most people will have more than one sign of Eye Aging. The best solution is a bespoke treatment plan consisting of multiple synergistic treatment options.

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